Managing Committee






  • CMA Dr. Bichitrananda Bal  (CHAIRMAN)

  • CMA Sridipta Kumar Nanda  (VICE CHAIRMAN)

  • CMA Ajoy Kumar Biswal (CHAIRMAN, P.D. COMMITTEE)

  • CMA Lalit Kumar Mishra   (SECRETARY)

  • CMA Gobardhan Nayak  (TREASURER)

  • CMA Suresh Chandra Nanda  (HON’ DIRECTOR COACHING)

  • CMA Mihir Kumar Mohapatra  (MEMBER)

  • CMA Chandrajit Parida  (MEMBER)


CMA M.K.Mohapatra,B.Com(Hons),LL.B,FCMA,AASM,MIIA

CMA M.K.Mohapatra is the Founder Chairman of the Chapter, for whose initiative the Chapter has been established in the Silver City of Cuttack. He is a Practising Cost Accountant since more than two dacades, held position of Director in Co-operative Banking Sector, served as a Surveyor and Loss Assessor, an eminent academician and educationist, visiting Professor emiritius in various reputed colleges & Institutions in Finance, author of two books in direct and indirect taxation, a prolific speaker and an eminent personality. His attitude of sharing his tremendous knowledge and experience in the field of audits, taxation , finance and other related matters with the students is really converting a baby chapter into an adolescent one. Due to his leadership the Chapter has received the Best Chapter Award for the year 2015-16.





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